Humana Dental Insurance Review 2023

Dental insurance is a crucial aspect of overall health coverage, and Humana is one of the leading providers in this domain. This article delves into the offerings of Humana dental insurance, highlighting its features, pros, cons, and the different plans available.

Understanding Humana Dental Insurance

Humana’s Preventive Value plan stands out as a cost-effective option for those emphasizing preventive and basic dental care. However, it’s essential to note that this plan doesn’t cover significant dental issues.

Key Advantages:

  • The plan offers an unlimited annual insurance payout.
  • It boasts a vast provider network.
  • There’s a lifetime deductible that beneficiaries pay only once.
  • Preventive care, including oral examinations, cleanings, X-rays, and fluoride treatments, is covered 100% immediately.
  • Basic care, such as emergency care for pain relief, fillings, and simple extractions, is covered 50% instantly.

Limitations: The primary focus of this plan is preventive care. Hence, it doesn’t provide coverage for procedures like root canals, oral surgeries, dentures, implants, orthodontia, or other major dental services.

Diving Deeper into Humana’s Offerings

Humana provides six major types of dental insurance to policyholders nationwide. They have a vast network, with over 335,000 dentists and specialists available for patients who opt for Humana coverage.

Humana Dental Insurance Review 2023
Humana Dental Insurance Review 2023

These individual health insurance plans from Humana are accessible in all states, barring a few exceptions like Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Washington.

Types of Insurance Offered by Humana

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana offers a diverse range of insurance products. These include Medicaid, Medical, Medicare, and Vision insurance. The company is certified by the Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange, ensuring standardized information exchange with providers. Moreover, the National Committee for Quality Assurance accredits Humana, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and best practices in healthcare plans.

A Glimpse into Humana Dental Insurance Plans

Depending on one’s location and age, Humana provides up to six dental insurance plans. These plans range from the Bright Plus Dental Plan, which is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) type, to the Preventive Value Dental Plan, another PPO type plan with specific features and coverage areas. Each plan has its unique set of offerings, deductibles, and coverage percentages, catering to different needs and preferences.


Choosing the right dental insurance is pivotal for ensuring optimal oral health without burning a hole in one’s pocket. Humana, with its diverse range of plans and extensive network, offers a plethora of options for potential policyholders. Whether one prioritizes preventive care or needs comprehensive coverage, Humana’s dental insurance plans provide a solution for varied dental care needs.

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