Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance Dental Insurance may seem like a lesser priority compared to medical coverage, but its importance cannot be overstated.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, an esteemed name in healthcare industry, offers dental plans with the goal of making quality care more accessible and affordable.

This blog post will offer an in-depth review of Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance plans including policy options, customer service experience and pricing as well as application experience.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance Policy Options

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides dental insurance plans tailored to individual and family needs, from pediatric plans, individual adult plans, and family coverage options.

Their network consists of 34 independently and locally run companies so the plans available to you may differ depending on where you reside.

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Blue Pediatric plans offer no-deductible or annual benefit maximum coverage for children up to 19 years of age, covering preventative and diagnostic care such as exams, cleanings and x-rays with only a $20 copayment per visit for preventative and diagnostic services such as exams, cleanings and x-rays; more significant dental work such as fillings, bridges or crowns may incur a 50% coinsurance charge; these plans also cover medically necessary orthodontic services with authorization from their carrier required.

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides individual and family plans across several tiers. For instance, its Blue Value Dental 1 plan boasts a monthly premium of $30.34 with an annual maximum benefit of $750; in contrast, Blue Value Dental 3 comes with an increased monthly premium and increased maximum benefits (this applies only when adding spouse or children into the plan), each having their own maximum annual benefit limit.

Customer Service Experience

Customer service experiences with Blue Cross Blue Shield vary depending on which local company provides insurance plans.

While anyone can call an informational phone line to learn about insurance options and connect to your local Blue Cross Blue Shield provider with specific coverage and benefits questions.

Ratings for customer service differ across each state – for instance Alabama had a J.D. Power rating of 760 while Rhode Island received 722.

Pricing and Application Experience

Blue Cross Blue Shield dental plans can vary considerably even within one state, for instance when considering monthly premiums for Blue Pediatric Dental PPO plans; in Northeastern New York the monthly premium was $31.67 while Western New York saw it drop to $26.73.

Furthermore, application processes differ depending on which local company you apply with; you could potentially apply through either your state health insurance marketplace or directly with them through their website and be asked details such as your residence address, reason for enrolling and type of plan.

Claims Process

Blue Cross Blue Shield dental plans typically follow a consistent claims process for dental plans. You can submit a claim if you’ve already received services; depending on what kind of treatment was performed, certain records may need to be provided as proof.

Or you can submit an early claim seeking predetermination/preauthorization of services you anticipate needing in the future.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental vs. Competitors

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides access to an extensive network of dental providers at competitive rates for its plans, making them one of the premier options on the market today.

When compared with competitors such as Delta Dental’s 34 separate plans across 34 companies nationwide, however, Blue Cross Blue Shield stands out due to its expansive provider network that spans all 50 states where plans are sold.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance provides plans that meet various needs, whether they are tailored specifically for individuals or families alike.

While customer service and pricing can differ depending on which local company offers it, overall Blue Cross Blue Shield’s overall offerings make them a strong contender in the dental insurance market.

It is essential to compare various plans and companies until finding one that best matches both your needs and budget.

By understanding all aspects of Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance, you can make an informed decision that suits both your dental care needs and financial situation.

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