Dental Hygienist Salary in 2023

Many people on the internet want to know about Dental Hygienist Salary. Many people think of becoming good dental hygienists in their life.

Still, they are not sure about the future of dental hygienists. The Dental hygienist’s job is to help the dentist and ensure patients have good oral health.

The dental hygienist provides dental care, including teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and oral cancer screenings. Dental hygienist jobs are always in trending searches, and people always search for these jobs on Google.

The Dental Hygienist Salary is very good, and your future is secure with this job. This blog post will explore Dental Hygienist Salary, factors influencing earnings, and job outlook.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

Dental Hygienist is an essential member of any healthy team, possessing both an oral health license and working closely with dentists to provide preventative dental care to their patients.

Dental Hygienists serve as oral health problem solvers by providing advice and education about good dental hygiene practices while performing professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar build-up.

Dental hygienists provide services similar to other specialists, including applying sealants, taking X-rays, and administering local anesthesia.

Factors That Influence Dental Hygienist Salary

The salary of a dental hygienist can vary based on various factors, including geographic location, experience, and education level. We add some most important factors for Dental Hygienist Salary.

Factors That Influence Dental Hygienist Salary

Geographic Location

Geographic location plays a leading role in Dental Hygienist Salary. The Dental Hygienist Salary is decided by the location of the oral health center.

And the salary of a dental hygienist can go up and down depending on the demand for dental health services in the location of the hygienist service.

For example, California and New York dental hygienists make more money than those in less densely populated areas.


The work experience is also a Dental Hygienist Salary. Experienced dental hygienist makes more money from newly joined dental hygienists.

In this job type, work experience is beneficial for getting the best salary from others. New dental hygienists cannot expect a salary like experienced dental hygienists who have worked more than 4-5 years in this field.

Education Level

The Education level can also impact Dental Hygienist Salary. A dental hygienist with an associate’s degree will earn less than one with a bachelor’s degree.

And the salary also depends on dental hygienist specialized certifications, such as in periodontal therapy or local anesthesia administration. These are all factors that decide the Dental Hygienist Salary.

Dental Hygienist Salary: 

Dental Hygienist Salary

Average Earnings 

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median annual salary for dental hygiene professionals was $77,090 in May 2022.

The bottom 10 percent of workers earned less than $53,130 while the top 10 percent earned more than $103,340. 

The BLS also states that the average hourly pay for dental hygiene professionals was $37.08.

Job Outlook for Dental Hygienists

The outlook for jobs for dental hygienists looks promising. According to BLS the job market for dental hygienists will rise by 6 percent from 2022 until 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.

This increase is due to an ageing population that requires more preventive dental services. Since more and more people require dental treatment and treatment, the demand for dental hygienists will grow. In the end, this is the best way to secure your the future of your family.

How you can Increase Your Dental Hygienist Salary

If you have some to check out details for increasing your Dental Hygienist Salary, please follow my steps. Here are some tips for increasing dental hygienist salary:

How you can Increase Your Dental Hygienist Salary

Further Your Education

Dental hygienists need well-educated people who work well and help the dentist and patients.

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum education level for joining as a dental hygienist. You can earn more if you get a master’s degree. 

Gain Experience

An experienced dental hygienist makes more income from these jobs. Still, a newly joined dental hygienist can’t earn a higher salary than an experienced worker.

We consider you to get more experience in dental hygienist jobs to get more salary in these jobs. 

Consider Geographic Location

Considering a career as a dental hygienist? It’s a profession that often comes with a rewarding salary, especially if you’re strategic about where you work.

Avoiding areas with lower economic conditions can significantly impact your earnings, as these regions might not offer competitive pay.

The location plays a pivotal role in determining a dental hygienist’s salary.

Moreover, the growing demand for dental hygienists further boosts the potential for a higher income. Opting to work in more affluent countries or regions can further enhance your earning potential in this field.

So, when charting your career path, consider locations where the demand for dental care is high and where you’re likely to secure a salary that reflects the value of your skills.

Negotiate Your Salary

The negotiated Dental Hygienist Salary can be worked in Dental Hygienist Salary. You can talk with a dentist about your education level and salary expectations.

You also talk about your work experience and your specialized certification, like the BLS. This type of certificate helps you to get a fair salary.


In this post, we add all information related to Dental Hygienist Salary. The Dental Hygienist Salary is a rewarding and always on-demand job worldwide.

The salary is based on your work experience, education level, specialized certification, and work location. You can get upto $98000 yearly, according to the BLS.

Increase your earning potential as a dental hygienist. Consider furthering your education, gaining more experience, and negotiating your salary.

Okay, that is the Dental Hygienist Salary blog post. We hope you like this post, and if you like this blog post, please comment and share it with your friends. Thank You.

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