How to Get Free CE Courses for Dental Hygienists in the USA

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Continuing education (CE) is a fundamental aspect of a dental hygienist’s career. Staying updated with the latest knowledge and skills not only bolsters your professional competence but also ensures you provide the best care to your patients.

Understandably, the associated costs can be daunting, but there are numerous ways to find free CE courses for dental hygienists. This article outlines various platforms and strategies for sourcing these courses at no cost.

Online Platforms Offering Free CE Courses

The web has transformed education and it’s the same for CE classes in dental hygiene.

Numerous online platforms provide free CE courses for dental hygienists. Websites such as Viva Learning and Colgate Oral Health Network provide a variety of courses for free that cover all aspects of dentistry.

Procter and Gamble’s also provides an array of free courses, from basic oral hygiene to more advanced techniques and technologies.

These platforms often collaborate with well-known dental product manufacturers to offer courses that are both free and of high-quality.

Make sure that the course has been accredited by a dental association to count towards your CE requirements.

Dental Product Manufacturers

Many dental product manufacturers understand the importance of familiarizing dental professionals with their products, which they often accomplish through free CE courses for dental hygienists.

Companies like Philips Oral Healthcare and 3M Oral Care provide online courses that discuss their products’ application, but they also often include general information valuable to any dental hygiene professional.

While these courses have an element of product promotion, they still offer rich educational content. As with all CE courses, it’s critical to ensure these courses are recognized by the relevant dental associations for CE credit.

Dental Associations and Organizations

Membership in professional dental associations and organizations brings numerous benefits, one of which is access to free CE courses for dental hygienists.

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), for instance, offers a variety of free courses to its members. State dental associations often provide similar benefits.

Not only do these courses allow you to meet your CE requirements for free, but they also provide the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals and gain industry insights.

Dental Expos and Conventions

Don’t underestimate the value of attending dental expos, conventions, and trade shows. These events are fertile grounds for networking, learning about new products and technologies, and, importantly, acquiring free CE courses for dental hygienists.

Sponsors and exhibitors often conduct educational sessions, workshops, and product demonstrations that count toward CE credits.

Be proactive in finding these opportunities and confirming that they are indeed accredited for CE credit.

Journal Clubs and Study Groups

Another innovative way to earn free CE credits is through journal clubs or study groups. Several dental hygiene publications offer CE quizzes based on their content.

Forming a study group to discuss recent articles and then take the CE quiz can be an effective, interactive, and cost-free way to earn credits. Just ensure the publication and its CE offerings are recognized by your state dental board.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up-to-date in the rapidly evolving field of dental health can be a challenge, but it’s essential for maintaining a successful career and providing top-tier care.

Fortunately, finding free CE courses for dental hygienists is becoming easier thanks to the plethora of online resources, product manufacturers, professional associations, and industry events.

Always ensure that the free CE courses you choose are approved by the relevant dental association or your state’s dental board to count towards your licensure requirements.

Free CE courses not only lessen your financial burden but also foster a continuous learning culture that will ultimately benefit your patients and your professional growth.

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